Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is there $$ to be made in Sustainability today?

For the past few months, I have been developing a market strategy for both technology and professional services firms to understand, validate, and implement growth initiatives that reflect current (and future) market conditions. (The origins of this strategy are provided in an online presentation I gave to the American Council of Engineering Companies - ACEC, link is here).

Significant input was received from executives at global energy development corporations and in the federal government who are considering implementation of these solutions, as well as from executives in technology firms and global engineering & design firms who may provide a range of technology - based solutions, from sustainability strategy through implementation of process improvements and emerging technologies (or cleantech).

Given the depth and range of content developed, I will be publishing a series of blog posts (and articles on leading online periodicals) covering key concepts and strategies. An overview of upcoming topics is provided below:

  • What do global clients want now (and what will they pay for)?
  • Benchmarking: What are other Tech & Services firms doing?
  • The Critical Market Drivers of Concern
  • Sustainability Technology Solutions: Focus on Specific Market Needs
  • Developing & Selling a Sustainability Solution for both short term ROI and long term strategy

I may combine topics as articles / blog posts are published; would welcome comments or articulated interests in specific concepts.


Jeff Stephens said...

Looking forward to hearing more about your findings.

Sanjeev Kumar said...

Hi Scott,

Look forward to your blogs on "Developing & Selling a Sustainability Solution for both short term ROI and long term strategy" topic.