Monday, March 03, 2008

Comments on the recent Cleantech SF Panel on Information Tech Opportunities

At the recent Cleantech Forum in San Francisco (link), there was a panel discussion on the opportunities in software and information technology, specifically those applications in the energy efficiency of data center operations.

Software and information technology for energy efficiency in data center operations is certainly a big market opportunity, but I think there are significant other markets for info tech as well:

- Energy modeling and analysis for facility operation and optimization; taking advantage of intelligent objects in 3D modeling

- Visualization technology that allows more stakeholders to view, collaborate on, and optimize green technology use

- Lifecycle assessment and PLM for ‘green - friendly’ product launches (associated with REACH and RoHS regulations in the EU and Asia, for examples)

- Sustainability technology platforms for assessing and reporting on compliance (government and NGO) on an enterprise level

- Carbon Emissions Inventory Assessment and Reduction

This is just a broad view of IT markets in cleantech, but does include the markets that I believe are poised for significant growth.

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